Drawing Slowly

I love contour drawings. It is a wonderful exercise in seeing. Here are a couple tips on making your own contours.  This project can take 15 minutes or as many hours as you have patience to create. It is a great sketchbook entry!

1. Pick an object that you an enjoy looking at.  Make it a simple object like scissors, a jar, or paint.  As you continue practicing, make it more complicated: flowers, people, self portrait. 

2. Gather your materials

Use a permanent marker or a pencil without an eraser and paper.  I like using a non erasable tool because it forces you to slow down and make each mark count.

3. Draw slowly.

Look, look, look, draw. You want to make sure you are looking more than you are drawing. Redraw a line if you realize it is incorrect. Take your time and try for accuracy. The goal of contour drawings are to make pieces that are as realistic as possible.

4. Try a more complicated shape!

Now that your simple project is finished, try something more complicated.