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Printmaking in the News

Scholastic Art Awards

Congratulations to two of my students for their honorable mentions in the Scholastic Art Awards- Fiona Maisel received Honorable Mention in Ceramics for a painted sculpture of a head, Christina Berna received Honorable Mention in Drawing for a wood burned image of her grandparents home. Way to go! I would also like to share my admiration for a former students amazing work in fashion- Mikaela Berna for an honorable mention for her rocking knickerbockers! Way to go ladies- keep creating!

Studio Fridays are Mama Fridays

C stays home Fridays. It is our day being together, enjoying each other, and having our time. We often go to the library together, explore Meijer Gardens, or take time to create together in my studio.

Here are photos from our last Mama Friday. C makes a doll house out of wooden drawers. The paper underneath is one of her paintings. She enjoys our time as much as I do.

Colors of Community

Most Creative

My piece, "Holding onto Dreams" won Most Creative at the Colors of Community Show!

Quilted Color Wheel

Using my recently dyed fabric, I created this color wheel. I like the way it looks like a journal page from my sketchbook!

My Sketchbook

Documenting dying

I fall in and out of love with my sketchbook. I keep a couple journals going at all times. One comes with me, one stays in my studio, the other is on my bedside table. At times, it seems connected to me. I write ideas, draw pictures, think, dream, document, add important quotes. Emotions fill the pages. Thoughts start and need more: to become a painting, drawing, sculpture. Other thoughts wait within the pages for my skill sets to further develop. Sometimes ideas are perfectly created and need nothing more than to be on the page in the book.

Here are a few pages from my journal where I documented the dying process. 

Dyed Fabric

Before summer ends, and winter arrives, I wanted to create more of a color stash. I enjoy the process of dying and using my own fabrics in my work. Snow dying is a great process too, but the results are different. Recently, I attended the American Quilter Society Quilt show in Grand Rapids. While there, I saw amazing quilts, awesome vendors, and colorful dyed fabric.  

I came home ready to go. I already have lots of procion dye powders in my studio and went to town. I made tints, shades and hues. I look forward to using them soon!


I recently took my cats to the vet for their yearly checkup. While there, the veterinarian mentioned she had no cat painting in her cat room. Instead there was a dog drawing. She also mentioned her love of orange cats. 

The conversation got my mind turning and soon a painting was in the works using my two cats as models. Here is the cat painting in progress and finished. I am happy with the results and hope these two cats find a new home in a cat room very soon!

Art Classes Starting Soon

Studio classes begin September 23. Information for adults, children, and young children can be found here.

The Japanese Gardens at Meijer Gardens

Finding Space to Contemplate

The new Japanese Gardens at Meijer Gardens is incredible. The peacefulness in the space is energetic and calming all at once.  Each step leads to a view, a sound, a quietness.  Poetry is scattered on the rocks throughout the garden. My mind grounds itself and new ideas are born.