Sink traps are an added cost to your studio, but could save future plumbing costs depending on what you make.  If you are doing ceramics, making paper, painting regularly with acrylic paint, or have multiple people using your space I recommend a sink trap.  Basically, the sink trap catches any material heavier than water.  This sinks to the bottom of the trap.  The trap is transparent so you can see when your trap needs cleaned.  I like the peace of mind this adds to my wash up especially since students regularly use my sinks for wash up.

In my studio I added a sink trap to one of my two sinks.  I love it!  It is catching all the clay and paint residue that shouldn't go down the sink to begin with.  There are many options available.  You can find them at art suppliers or dental suppliers.  You can even make your own. Since I am not a ceramic studio, but occasionally putting clay down the sink, I did not need a major sink trap.  I chose the Gleco Trap.  It is perfect for what I need and easy to use.  Here is an image of it installed under my sink.  web-studio-sinks

Instructions for a do it yourself sink trap found here.