Artist Statement

This is a project in which Shannon worked collaboratively with the Lebenshilfe-Werk Weimar/ organization to create a body of work for the show Grenzenlos. The Lebenshilfe-Werk Weimar/Apolda is an organization that employs adults of varying abilities. The goal of Grenzenlos was to create a visual dialogue about inclusion in Weimar, Germany.   Lebenshilfe Trobsdorf has an in-house art studio run by Martina Heller.  Over a three-week period, Shannon visited the studio and directed each project: a landscape, a city scape, and lastly a portrait.  While creating the landscape, the artists looked at reference images of sky and ground and painted the canvases, Shannon later sewed the landscape together.  The following week, the group created a cityscape.  Each artist had images of different buildings in Weimar. They each mixed their own colors and created the building they wanted.  Shannon combined these buildings together into the large cityscape.  During the last week, the artists used the image of Goethe and Schiller to create their own portrait.

Slideshow of Artwork